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Individual Counseling

We understand that the counseling process can be overwhelming. It is difficult to know where to begin and what kind of support is needed. At LCS, we offer a wide range of services, including individual, couple and family counseling, addressing issues such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, family separation, life transition, identity, trauma, relational conflict, child custody issues, school/work stress, ADHD and other disability-related issues, substance abuse, and self-injurious behavior. Our staff is comprised of specialists and experts in each of these areas and more. We take great care to place each client with the most appropriate therapist, which is why we ask you to tell us a little bit about your current situation before we assign you a clinician. Our clinical staff understands that problems do not exist in a vacuum. What begins as the presenting problem may only be a part of the larger issue. A priority at LCS is to provide comprehensive services to all of our clients and their families. We are committed to providing the highest level of care possible throughout your treatment.
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