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Couples & Family Counseling

At LCS all of our counselors have experience working with couples and families. In addition, many of our team members have specialized training for handling issues specific to couples and families.

Family therapy is built upon the idea that no issue is isolated from its context or the relationships surrounding it. Change and healing can occur when the entire family system can adjust. Depending on the situation, family therapy could look like one therapist seeing the family all together or working with each family member individually. In other situations, family members will work with multiple therapists individually who will then collaborate together to best serve your family. With this integrative approach to understanding family systems, we can offer help through any variety of family life transitions and hardships.

Additionally, a similar approach can be used for couples. A relationship can become its own system and the merging of two lives can often bring about difficulty. Couples therapy can be helpful at a variety of stages including premarital counseling, relationship adjustments, career decisions, parenting children, or navigating sexual and financial difficulties. We also incorporate exploration of worldview, values, and personality to increase empathy and connection between partners and among family members.

If you think you and your partner or family could benefit from services, let us help you find the best fit for your family. You can trust that we will work to tailor our services to provide the most effective care.

LCS is affirming of all consensual family and relationship structures, including LGBTQIA+ relationships, nonmonogomy/polyamory, and all kinds of relationship dynamics and expressions.

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