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Our Practice

Who We Are

Lucent Collaborative Services (LCS) is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary therapeutic center that offers a wide range of services to children, adolescents, adults, couples, families, and the community. We have specialists in mental health, psychiatry, occupational therapy, education, child development, and a wide range of consulting areas who collaborate to provide the most effective and personalized care possible.

What We Stand For

LCS has been serving the Gainesville community for many years. We are extremely proud of the team we have built and the care we have provided to our clients and community.

The name Lucent Collaborative Services signifies two important tenants of our practice.

Lucent means glowing with light. The work of self-discovery and healing involves facing the dark, heavy, and lonely parts of our own stories. By doing so, we bring them to the light and, hopefully, find our own light inside ourselves.

Collaboration is the backbone of LCS and what sets us apart. Our team of specialists meets regularly to ensure we are providing the best care for our clients and the larger community. We not only collaborate with each other, but we also have meaningful connections to local resources, providers, and training centers. We recognize the significance that one supportive provider can bring, and we believe that the benefits multiply when a team of people are working together.

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